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Today's post is all about the many connections we make each and every day. More importantly, it illustrates, how one connection can create a "domino effect" and open doors you didn't even know existed. It all started with a networking event.


In 2014 I attended a networking breakfast and meet Chrissie Bowman from Goodwill Industries of the Chesapeake. After a follow up meeting, she spoke with management and they brought me in to present my LinkedIn seminar. Then Chrissie introduced me toSherida Morrison.


Sherida and I hit it off. After her time with Goodwill, she became involved with a program to serve at risk youth in Baltimore city. Sherida asked me about presenting at one of her annual events. I told her I would be happy to help any way I can. Then, Sherida suggested I meet her friend Mike Fazio. She said Mike and I had a lot in common and could help one another. She was right. Mike and I met at an event in Baltimore a few weeks later. We both really enjoy talking sales and the sales process. Mike and I even discussed joining his team. That was when he introduced me to Bill Corbett. Bill works for Mike and he thought it would be a good idea for us to talk. Bill could help me gain perspective on the job and the role I could play.


When Bill and I spoke, we shared about our backgrounds and our passions. During the conversation he said "it's too bad you are all the way down in Maryland, I have a group in Hartford Connecticut that I would love you to share your LinkedIn presentation." I told Bill I would be happy to travel up north for the opportunity to speak. I have family nearby and could spend time with them after the presentation. That presentation did some great things for me. First, It gave me a video of my LinkedIn seminar to share with the world. Second, it allowed me to reconnect with my friend Jeff Davis. Perhaps the biggest win to come out of that weekend, was meeting Mike Brooks.

After the seminar Mike approached me about being a guest on his podcast Nuclear Chowder. I had never done one before, and it sounded like fun. I was right. It was great fun and he gave me some tips about getting on other podcasts. Specifically, he introduced me to Jessica Rhodes. Jessica and her company helped me put together my credential sheet for other podcast interviews and she booked me on many shows. One of those shows gave me additional resources to find other podcast guest opportunities, and that is how I met Gary Michels.

Meeting Gary is the latest in this long line of success opportunities. Gary had me on his show and we really enjoyed discussing sales, sales strategy and using LinkedIn for sales strategy. After the show, Gary suggested we keep in touch. Within hours, we were having another conversation and we struck a deal to help one another.


Here is what I hope this story illustrated.

CALL TO ACTION: Use the ABC's and follow those connections.

CALL TO ACTION: Offer to help, call it Karma, call it good will, call it philanthropy. Do it. When you offer to help others with no expectation of reward or compensation, you are rewarded and compensated.

CALL TO ACTION: Follow up, follow through. You never know where that next wonderful opportunity is coming from.

I want to hear from you. You can post comments here. You can share with your network. You can share on other platforms. You can contact me directly. I want to talk to you. I want to help you.

Call me at 443-808-1670 and mike@mikeshelah.com.

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