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When These Two Collide, Happy Accidents Occur

It really can be as simple as preparation and persistence. LinkedIn can help you do both. I talk to people all the time about "passive and active" prospecting on LinkedIn. Make sure you have these two and great things will happen for you.


You want an optimized LinkedIn profile (which, come to think of it, will be next weeks blog). Here are the high level items: a clear profile picture. A Headline chock full of keywords your potential customers will search. A summary focusing on how you help people and why. Recommendations, the more the merrier. Advice for contact that makes it easy for people to contact you. Your education, volunteer history and interests. Make sure those items are not only filled out completely but really do focus on customer needs.


Last weeks post was all about active attraction and staying "top of mind." You can do so by sharing daily updates relevant business photos and pairing those to your twitter account. You can then summarize the weeks activity in a weekly pulse blog to engage your audience and drive conversations. Daily updates are also a great way to share relevant contents from your network and initiate conversations.


Even more specifically, know your current audience and know who you want you audience to be. Join LinkedIn groups that contain large numbers of your current and potential clients. When you post a thought provoking update in one of these groups, you can then directly contact clients through inmail and group messaging to ask them for their opinion.


When you prepare enough of this content consistently, your clients will begin to contact you directly and invite your expertise. At the very least, when you call them, you are top of mind and already thought of as an expert, instead of another salesperson.


Take ten minutes and create your first update. Write your first pulse blog. Contact your first potential client and ask them feedback on what you wrote. Like a water pump, it will take time to get things flowing and gain momentum. But once you do, maintaining the momentum is much easier. Please share your ideas here! Disagree with me? Tell me how you do it? What has been successful for you? Let's give one another great ideas to take into 2016

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