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Leverage LinkedIn To Help Others

I am a student of sales and the sales process. Many of you reading this are probably familiar with a famous Zig Ziglar quote about helping people get what they want. If you are not here it is:

"You Can Have Everything In Life You Want, If You Will Just Help Enough Other People Get What They Want"


My purpose for writing this, is to help you. To share my insight, to inspire you to action, to make you better. It also has a very selfish purpose. First, nothing makes me feel better than when a reader sends me a private message telling me I inspired them or helped them push to the next level. It also helps me gain an audience that views me as a trusted adviser. Showcase your expertise via LinkedIn Blog Posts


You can share content on a daily basis, that delivers value to your audience or you can promote people in your network. You don't have to be comfortable writing. Simply sharing content that delivers a fresh perspective can be beneficial to your readers and help them view you as the "go to" person in your industry.


Regardless of the size of your network, you need to cultivate it and tend it like a garden. You meet people at an event or a party or at work. connect with them and then find out what they need. Who do they need to know? Pick out 4-5 of those needs during lunch or coffee. Then make the introductions.


When someone writes a recommendation for you, it is a powerful online report for people that don't know you yet. It delivers tremendous credibility. If you want recommendations, you can ask for them, but it can be much more productive to write recommendations for others and then let them reciprocate. Read more here.


Here is my call to action. Pick 10 connections in your network. Take the time to review their profile and then, call them. Ask about what they are working on. Ask how you can help. The majority of these people will then say " so what can I do to help you?"

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