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Hi, My Name is Mike, I Will Help You


LinkedIn's very core existence is helping people. That means, helping others, which ultimately helps you. Let's walk through it together.


It's 120 characters. Use as many key words as possible to convey what you do. This will help profile viewers know how you can help them.


Instead of telling people how awesome you are, tell them what you love to do. How you love to help others. This way, they KNOW how awesome you are.


How have you helped your current and former employers be successful? Do you have recommendations that describe how you helped?


Please see "your job description."


What are you passionate about? As a rule, people want to hire and work with other people they perceive to be similar. Discover your tribe ( by reading Tribes by Seth Godin).


Do you ask thought provoking questions? Do you give thoughtful answers to other peoples questions? Do YOU engage? Make this a daily activity.


Do you share at least one update a day? Does your update simply scream "BUY FROM ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" or do you update with the intent to deliver value to your audience?


One of the keys to moving up the LinkedIn search rankings is to have at least one update for each position on your profile. You can certainly ask for recommendations, but it is critical to give many more than you get. Develop a spirit of giving and watch your own personal business grow.


Fearlessly introduce people. If you liked them enough to connect, then be prepared to help. That way, when you need an introduction, people will be happy to oblige.

Do you know someone that this post can really help? Would you share it with them please?

Thank you!

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