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What Dale Carnegie Taught Me About LinkedIn


I am starting today with an expression of gratitude to my friend Buddy Bresnick. He is the owner of the Dale Carnegie Training franchise covering Maryland, Central Pennsylvania, The District of Columbia and Norther Virginia. Buddy and I met for lunch in April and he encouraged me to take one of The Dale Carnegie courses. I chose one for communications and leadership. It was a fantastic course and if you are interested in taking it as well, you can look it up here.

When you graduate from a Dale Carnegie Class they give you a pocket sized "Golden Book" that highlights many of the ideals in the courses they provide.

Here is a short list of the great insights I learned this week and can quickly apply to LinkedIn.


The #1 value to LinkedIn is connecting with people and delivering value. The idea being that when you give ten times you will get one back. The one you get back always seems to be worth 100 times what you gave. Show those people that help you sincere appreciation. You may simply reciprocate with an introduction. It may be a heartfelt "thank you." It may be a gift that is highly personal that speaks to how well you know the person and what is important to them.


This concept goes along very well with the first one. When you genuinely become interested in another person, it greatly facilitates your ability to make introductions for them that provide impact and value. If you know they have a customer in a specific vertical and can make an introduction to another business in that same vertical, DO IT! and watch what happens, for you and the person you helped.


Isn't it funny how these concepts all seem to flow together. Before you engage a prospective customer "listen" to what they are saying. What questions do they ask or does their company ask on LinkedIn? Have they been featured in the newspaper, or some other media? really listen to what that content is "telling" you. It will give you great keys to connecting.


If you want to connect with someone and do business them, lead with their goals in mind and what they are trying to accomplish. Instead of saying "hey, I read about your company in "fill in the blank" and wanted to meet with you." Try saying" Hi NAME, I saw the article about your company. It's sounds like big things are happening for your company. I am curious, what plans do you have in place to deal with..." and then ask 3 or 4 specific to that customer based on the article you read. make sure they are relevant to the solutions you can offer.


The Dale Carnegie program doesn't share any radical ideas. It simply gives you smart, well accepted ideas and helps you work through the most effective way to use them in every day life. How much more successful will you be this week, just implementing these fours ideas?

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